Provincial Grand Lodge of Down

Provincial Grand Lodge of Down In 1868 the Grand Lodge of Ireland decided upon a re-arrangement of Masonic Provinces and ruled that the entire County of Down should be formed into a new Province which would be known as the Masonic Province of Down . The first meeting of the new Provincial Grand Lodge of Down was held on 10th November 1868 in the Lodge room of Lodge No.86 Downpatrick. This new Provincial Grand Lodge comprised of 20 Lodges from the old Province of Belfast and North Down and 23 from the former Provincial Grand Lodge of South Down, of which Lodge 77 was one.

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Provincial Grand Lodge of Down Officers of Lodge 77

Since 1888 Lodge 77 have been well represented at Provincial Grand Lodge level and the following Brethren have had the distinction of holding Office in the R. W. Provincial Grand Lodge of Down.




1888-1901 R. W. Bro. Francis Clements Crossle P.G. Secretary
1893 W. Bro. John Thompson P.J.G. Deacon
1898 W. Bro. Samuel James Murray P.J.G. Deacon
1901-1910 R. W. Bro. Francis Clements Crossle P.Deputy Grand Master
1907 W. Bro. John Joseph Maitland P.S.G. Deacon
1919 V. W. Bro. Dr. Samuel Edgar Martin P.S.G. Warden
1920 W. Bro. Thomas H. Reilly P.G. Organist
1920 W. Bro. William Robert Bell P.G. Steward
1923-1931 W. Bro. Rev. Henry Biddall Swanzy P.G. Chaplain
1927 W. Bro. David McConnell P.G. Supt. of Works
1935 W. Bro. Thomas Watt P.G.L. Standard Bearer
1944 W. Bro. George Hamilton Massey P.G. Inner Guard
1953 V. W. Bro. Joseph G. Dunlop P.J.G. Warden
1964 W. Bro. Robert Wilfred Hunter P.G. Inner Guard
1975 W. Bro. William Aubrey Wylie P.G.L. Standard Bearer
1986 W. Bro. John Henry Bradfield P.J.G. Deacon
1992-2002 W. Bro. Robert Archibald Cassidy P.G. Steward of Charities
1994 W. Bro. Thomas Hubert Young P.G. Steward
1997 W. Bro. Edward William Frederick Walter McVittie P.G.L. Standard Bearer
1998-2009 W. Bro. George Albert McMurray P.G. Almoner
2006 W. Bro. George Joseph McCullough Hon. P.P.G.L. Standard Bearer
2008 V. W. Bro. Joseph Henry Berry P.S.G. Warden
2009-Date W. Bro. William Allen Kinnin P.G. Almoner
2012-2022 W. Bro. Derek Stevenson P.G. Inspector
2013 W. Bro. Samuel Alexander Hanna P.J.G. Deacon
2017 W. Bro. Alex Hanna Snr Hon. P.P.G. Sword Bearer
2019 V. W. Bro. George McCague P.J.G. Warden
2023-Date R. W. Bro. Derek Stevenson P. Assistant Grand Master
2023 W. Bro. David Isaac Scott Hon. P.P.S.G. Deacon