Travelling Certificate 1763 - Robert Hening

Travelling Certificate for Robert Hening

This is a copy of a Travelling Certificate issued by Lodge 77 in 1763 to a Robert Hening who emigrated to Virginia, USA, in that year. This is the oldest known document associated with Lodge 77 after the warrant itself, dated only 26 years after the Warrant of the Lodge.

With Lodge seal affixed the text reads;

We do hereby certifie that the bearer our trusty and well beloved Bro. Robert Hening is a Regular registered Mason of Lodge No.77 in Ireland, and always behaved as a worthy Member of that ancient and honourable Fraternity of free and accepted masons. Given at our Lodge Room, Newry December 27 1763 and in Masonry.

5763 John Clarke, Master
To all whom it
May Concern
John Heany, Wardens
Hiram Gibson,
Trevor Power, Secretary  

We are grateful to descendants of Robert Hening for permission to reproduce the certificate.