History of Lodge 77

A definitive history of St. Patrick’s Masonic Lodge No.77, and a general history of Freemasonry in Newry, was written and published in 1936 by W.Bro. R.E. Parkinson. This was produced to coincide with Lodge 77’s 200th anniversary on 27th December 1937. This book also references R.W. Bro. Dr. Francis Crossle’s “Sketch of the History of St. Patrick’s Masonic Lodge No.77, Newry” published in 1895.

For some background to Freemasonry in Newry a complete list of Lodge Warrants that have worked in the town of Newry is listed below:

16 – Warrant issued 6th February 1766 to John Darley, Robert Carlile and Andrew Thompson, all of 77. Removed to Armagh in 1776; cancelled in 1809. Revived for Armagh in October of same year; cancelled 7th February 1833. Issued 14th June 1833 to Ramoan, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim in lieu of 87. 8th December 1868 removed to Kilrea, Co. Londonderry (Star Lodge).

18 – The “Nelson” Lodge; warrant issued 4th May 1809 to Jonathan Seaver, Trevor Corry and James Searight.

23 – The “Union” Lodge; warrant issued 1st June 1809 to Archibald Thompson, Bernard Casey and Robert Hamilton.

69 – The “Richmond” Lodge; warrant issued 3rd May 1810 to George Crozier of 228 Galway, Joseph Benn of 521 Ballybought and Hugh Jameson of 667 Bailieboro’. Cancelled 6th January 1814. Sent in February 1843. Reissued on 8th December 1845 to Light of the North Lodge, Londonderry in lieu of 93.

77 – “St. Patrick’s” Lodge; warrant issued 27th December 1737 to William Ponder, James Hollyman and John Ard.

79 – “St. Patrick’s” Lodge. Originally warranted in Tandragee as No.315 on 5th April 1759; exchanged for No.79 in 1831, removed to Donaghmore in 1864 and thence to Newry in 1893.

83 – The “Francis Crossle” Lodge; warrant issued on 7th October 1907 to Francis C. Crossle of 18, Rev. Henry B. Swanzy of 223, Monaghan and Henry Alfred Tweedie of 77. Visit www.franciscrosslelodge83.com

174 – Issued to “Boyne Lodge”, Limerick, 2nd December 1747. Reissued to 69th Foot, 2nd Battalion the Welsh Regiment, 29th August 1791. Cancelled 5th July 1821. Reissued 4th October 1821 in lieu of 396, Stewartstown. Returned to Grand Lodge 24th January 1856. 2nd March 1896, request received for a Warrant to establish a Lodge to the Duke of Cornwall’s Lt. Infantry to be called the “Dominica”, recommended by Lodges 18, 23 and 77. Warrant 174 reissued to “Dominica Lodge” in the 46th Foot, 2nd battalion Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (stationed in Newry), 6th March 1896. Lodge constituted on 1st April 1896 at the Masonic Hall, Downshire Road, Newry. 46th Regiment leave Newry in August 1898. Warrant returned to Grand Lodge 1st December 1921. Reissued to Newry (Services Lodge) on 1st March 1945 to William C. Leeson of 23, William B. O’Donoghue of 77 and David H. Linton of 79.

205 – Warrant issued in exchange for No.914 (see below) on 5th June 1818 and cancelled on 7th January 1830. Reissued on 7th October 1841 to Naas, Co. Kildare. Sent in 1870 and reissued to Enniskillen in lieu of 804 (Star in the East Lodge).

213 – Warrant issued for Millvale on 6th January 1820 to Thomas Hall, John Kenny of 521 and John Anderson of 52 Poyntzpass. Removed to Newry, by order, 6th November 1856. On 6th January 1857 four members of 77 were registered as affiliates. Nine affiliates from various Lodges were registered before 5th November 1857 when the warrant was removed to Poyntzpass. Here the Lodge continued at labour till the Warrant was sent in to Grand Lodge in June 1870. Reissued 8th March 1897 to Whitehouse, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim and then to Arthur Square, Belfast on 2nd December 1915 (Justice Lodge) - cancelled 2001.

269 – “Held in ye Town of Newry”. Warrant issued 5th August 1762 to John Walker, Hugh Corrigan and Maurice Cunningham. The Warrant was subsequently transferred to Donaghmore but on what date the Register of Grand Lodge does not state. Warrant surrendered 13th November 1854. Reissued on 5th July 1877 to Malahide, Co. Dublin, removed to Howth on 7th December 1893 and to Dublin 4th June 1903 (Malahide Lodge).

521 – “St. John’s” Lodge, Ballybought. Warrant issued 7th April 1775 to Richard Smyth, John Morgan and James Cowan. Cancelled in 1835. Reissued to Dromore, Co. Down on 6th December 1921 (Lagandale Lodge).

706 – The “Prince of Wales” Lodge. Warrant issued 10th December 1789 to Matthew Campbell, Adam Rice and Thomas Byrne, all of 521. Warrant surrendered on 9th November 1854. Reissued to Larne, Co. Antrim on 7th June 1946 (Unity Lodge).

914 – The “Wellington” Lodge. Warrant issued on 6th May 1802 to John Baird, Charles Maines and Christopher Ross. Baird and Ross were registered members of 521. Warrant sent in and exchanged for No.205 on 5th June 1818 and cancelled on 7th January 1830. 914 reissued to Quaerere Verum Lodge, Belfast on 1st October 1988.

925 – Warrant issued on 6th January 1803 to William Ferguson, Henry Spotswood and Laughlin McIntosh, all of 706. Transferred to Forkhill on 26th July 1808; sent in and exchanged for No.199 in 2nd April 1818 and cancelled in July 1826. 925 reissued to Trinity Lodge, Mauritius on 7th December 2000.

933 – Warrant issued for Ballybought on 7th July 1803 to Thomas Magary, Peter Maginniss and Thomas McClelland, all of 521. In the year 1809 political feeling ran high in the borough of Newry and lest it should invade the Lodge the two parties mutually agreed to apply for two new warrants. Nos. 18 and 23 were consequently issued to Newry. The old Warrant was transferred to Rathfriland and on 6th June 1811 to Hilltown; sent in and exchanged for 155 on 27th December 1825. Removed on 6th April 1865 by permission of Grand Lodge to Rathfriland, where it continues to work. Visit www.rathfrilandmasonichall.co.uk/lodge155. 933 reissued to St. John's Past Master's Lodge, Virginia, Co. Cavan on 3rd March 2005.

Lodge 77 - The Early Years