Modern Times

Freemasonry in Newry continued to flourish although Lodge 77’s story is one of steady, if uneventful progress. As the century drew to a close the outbreak of hostilities in the Transvaal cast the shadow of war upon the Brethren. On 5th February 1900 it was announced that Bro. Laurence R. Glenton had joined the Imperial Volunteers. It was unanimously resolved that he be forgiven arrears of dues on payment of one shilling and for a further shilling that he be kept on the Roll for the term of his engagement, or until his return.

The Lodge assembled as usual on 4th February 1901 but the Stated Communication was adjourned out of respect to the memory of our late Sovereign Lady, Queen Victoria. The Secretary was instructed to convey to H.M. the King and Royal Family the assurance of the sympathy of the Lodge and its loyalty to his Throne and Person.

The year 1914 saw Europe embroiled in War. Some of the members of 77 were serving in the Regular Army, others hastened to join the navy, the New Armies and subsequently the Air Force. Throughout the whole course of hostilities the Lodge contributed to War Loan and the various funds established for the relief and comfort of serving soldiers and sailors.

Roll of Honour

Walsh Crozier, Lieut. L.S. Killed in action.


Robert Crothers, Sergt. R.I.F.
William Erskine, C.S.M. R.I.R.
John N. Martin, Capt. K.R.R.
Wm. Bell O’Donoghue, N.I.H.
J. Warrington, Sergt. R.I.R.


Wm. A. Allen, Lieut. R.D.F.
Wm. T. Allen, Pte. W.A.F.F.
F.G. Burns, Surg. Comr. R.N.
John C. Cummins, Lieut. R.D.F.
R. Cunningham, Pte. Australians
E. Foster, M.C. Capt. R.E.
Wm. Lockhart, Sergt. N.I.H.
Daniel McMullan, Pte. L.C.
Denis Mackey, E. Lancs.
Hugh Martin, Corp. Canadians
H.T. Scott, Lieut. R.I.R.
George Stewart, Pte. R.I.F.
Norman Smith, Lieut. R.A.F.
John M. Smyth, Sapper R.E.
Alfred H. Wright, Lieut. R.D.F.

Events since the War has seen Lodge 77 make steady and uninterrupted progress and on 27th December 1937 the Lodge successfully celebrated its 200th anniversary.

Bi-centenary Celebrations